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68 dead, 4 missing after plane crashes in Nepal resort town United 23, a 767 aircraft, was scheduled to depart JFK at 9 AM, bound for L.A. Six passengers aroused the suspicion of flight attendants for various reasons. Among them ... they were convinced one of the passengers was a man disguised as a woman. The Department of Public Safety identified the pilot as 26-year-old Tyler Christie, of Lavon, Texas. Click here for more information A New York state assemblyman landed a small plane on a Long Island beach after the aircraft experienced engine failure. A search of the plane’s tail number shows that the plane, a 1956 Cessna 182, is owned by Aerial Messages Leasing Co. in Longwood. HERMANTOWN — Three Twin Cities area residents were killed late Saturday night when the small airplane they were flying in crashed into a home and yard just south of Duluth International Airport.