Student with 2 published books, 4.2 GPA and 1560 SAT score rejected by Harvard, MIT, Yale and Princeton

A high school student with two successful books, a 4.2 GPA, an SAT score of 1560 out of 1600 and a slew of other accolades was purportedly rejected from Harvard, MIT, Yale and Princeton, much to the surprise of many.

TikTok user Click for info Limmy (@Limmytalks), who posts reviews of college applications on his account, highlighted the case of the alleged overachieving male student in a recent series of posts.

“This is the most insane college application I’ve ever seen in life!” the TikToker opened in his first post about the unnamed student.

According to the email submitted to Limmy, the student claimed to be a bestselling author of two math books that sold 10,000 copies and generated $300,000 in revenue. It is important to note that Limmy mistakenly identifies the student as a New York Times bestselling author themselves, when in fact the email specifies that his books were endorsed by two New York Times bestselling authors.