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Unfortunately, not every instance of a patient being injured by a medical provider will result in a valid claim for medical malpractice. That’s because medical malpractice in Pennsylvania has rocket lawyer cost a specific legal definition, and unfortunately, it doesn’t cover everything.nbsp If you are looking for a Philadelphia Medical Malpractice lawyer, contact Feldman Pinto for a free evaluation today. A: Two years is the general rule, with a couple of important exceptions. One is for minors – for instance, if a child is injured at birth by a doctor or nurse at the hospital, they have until they’re 18 plus two years to file a lawsuit. The other important exception is the ‘discovery rule,’ where, for instance, if you had your appendix taken out and the doctors left an instrument inside of you and you didn’t find it for five years, you’d have two years from the time you discovered it to file a claim.