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The “Dilwalon ki Dilli” is one of the most obvious choice as a place to visit in near Dehradun. Delhi is known for its rich history that flows through every lane and alley of the city. From the bustling hub of Connaught Place to the sophisticated southern region to the chaotic yet beautiful East Delhi, the city offers a plenty of different experiences for that ultimate holiday. Apart from this, it’s the modern culture that binds the tourism. The city is also a renowned party destination in India with its range of up-class restaurants, laid-back cafes, night clubs and bars. The Malvern Hills are officially an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The view from these hills is amazing. Malvern is a town once famed for its natural springs, and you can see the important role that water has played in the town8217;s history with a visit to St. Ann8217;s venture one travel card Well. The building was erected in 1813 and houses a marble spout and basin, carved beautifully. St. Ann8217;s Well is also the site of a café, which is perfect for refreshing yourself after a lovely saunter around the hills.