above as bitcoin sets another record

Awasome Coins Return Earth Gloom Overtakes Crypto 2022. Meme coins return to earth as gloom overtakes crypto fanatics. Dogecoin, shiba inu and other tokens. The decline in trading volumes is now measured in millions, not billions. The jokes that used to persuade a lot of retail day traders to purchase coins on a whim are now a bit sad. Musk, a frequent booster of Dogecoin on social media, has hinted at the move for some time. In addition, numerous reports in recent days had indicated that crypto gamble ranch source code on Tesla’s website included an option for Dogecoin payments. (Bloomberg) Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who piled into meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu amid the long-time industry rallying call of “to the moon” are finding this year’s journey back to earth pretty painful.